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Why Gold Stash?

Gold Stash is our flagship company. In business for several years, Gold Stash buys precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, coins, and diamonds.

We have a major online presence where thousands of customers have used our services to sell their unwanted items.

We pride ourselves on providing a five star experience with our customers. We value the trust that people place in our hands to give them the best possible price for their unwanted items. Trust, Satisfaction, and Integrity are a few of our core values.

We are endorsed nationally by Dave Ramsey, America’s financial leader in helping people get out of debt. Dave endorses Gold Stash because of our dedication to serve people who need to eliminate debt from their lives. We are one of five national sponsors of Dave Ramsey Radio, and we are the title sponsor of his Total Money Makeover events.

Linda Cobb, known as the Queen of Clean, also provides an endorsement to Gold Stash. Linda used our services and fell in love with the way we handled her items, so she started telling everyone on radio about Gold Stash. A relationship formed and she now sends all her customers our way. Linda is a growing icon with females all over the country.

Of all the gold buyers out there, no one has an endorsement like Gold Stash does. That is because we are not your typical buyers. We believe in taking care of our customers.

Our online presence brings us thousands of viewers and our physical locations brings in hundreds of people weekly. We have locations in the Phoenix, AZ, Kansas City, MO, Springfield, MO, and Orlando, FL areas.


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