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I just wanted t…

I just wanted to say thanks for sharing Gold Stash with me. I’m a big Dave Ramsey dork and my husband and I are trying to pay off out mortgage in 7 years instead of 15! Anyway I’m selling everything and anything (except the kids). So I’ve heard the gold stash endorsements and finally sent in my items. I sent a big bag of silver odds and ends…and got a check. So I called them to return them to me since I make jewelry and can get more from sales. Anyway – they called me back and I ended up chatting with John for awhile about Dave Ramsey and gold stash…you can hear the passion and belief in his company. Great service! As a manager myself (on chapter two of entreleadership) I can appreciate good team members (ours are called crew members!) and just wanted to take the time to send out a compliment! (People always complain but don’t always say good job)!
Best regards,

Jen B.

We certainly care about our customers. Our desire is to get you moving and get out of debt. Selling your unwanted gold, silver, platinum, coins, or diamonds is a great way. We understand people don’t always have a huge treasure, and it is not very often we have a Gold Stash complaint, but in those rare situations that we do have a complaint, we make sure to take care of it right away. That kind of business does not sit well with us. It is also refreshing to hear from people like Jen, who understand how business works and that when people complain, usually it is a misunderstanding.


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