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Why We Use FedEx So You Can Sell Your Gold

At Gold Stash, security is our top priority. Making sure your items are delivered safely to our processing lab is our only goal. The main reason we use FedEx is because they have demonstrated time and time again that they take the same precautions as we do. We have been using FedEx for years now, and well over 100,000 plus packages have made their way to our lab. In all those shipments, only twice have we had a lost package. Both of them were found a bit later, but you get the idea. Your package is safe in its delivery to us.


Because of our unique relationship with FedEx, they understand that we must provide top-notch security methods. When people send their items to us, they obviously have a monetary value, but what a lot of our competitors forget is that often these items can have sentimental value to the customers as well.  This is why we give you the pre-billed stamp with your StashPak.  You simply take that FedEx stamp to your nearest FedEx location, put all of your items in a FedEx shipping box which is complimentary, seal, stamp and physically hand to a FedEx employee.  This gives you the peace of mind to know that the great folks at FedEx now have your package and you are able to track it in their system.  You are not just dropping your items into a roadside box and waiting to hear from someone (although you can if you want).  Our competitors include mailing envelopes with their mailers, we do not and we do this on purpose.  We want you to feel in control of your valuable items through the whole process so that you truly know your things are secure. 


On top of the security measures we have in place, we insure every package with a $2500.00 policy. Should anything happen, you are covered. Need more insurance? Not a problem, simply email us and we can provide that for you. It’s a complimentary service that Gold Stash and FedEx offer to every customer we serve.


So, you can have peace of mind knowing that shipping your items to Gold Stash is easily the most convenient and safe method to allow us to serve you and get you paid the industries highest payout.

Request a Secure Mailer now!


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