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Why We Use FedEx So You Can Sell Your Gold

At Gold Stash, security is our top priority. Making sure your items are delivered safely to our processing lab is our only goal. The main reason we use FedEx is because they have demonstrated time and time again that they take the same precautions as we do. We have been using FedEx for years now, and well over 100,000 plus packages have made their way to our lab. In all those shipments, only twice have we had a lost package. Both of them were found a bit later, but you get the idea. Your package is safe in its delivery to us.


Because of our unique relationship with FedEx, they understand that we must provide top-notch security methods. When people send their items to us, they obviously have a monetary value, but what a lot of our competitors forget is that often these items can have sentimental value to the customers as well.  This is why we give you the pre-billed stamp with your StashPak.  You simply take that FedEx stamp to your nearest FedEx location, put all of your items in a FedEx shipping box which is complimentary, seal, stamp and physically hand to a FedEx employee.  This gives you the peace of mind to know that the great folks at FedEx now have your package and you are able to track it in their system.  You are not just dropping your items into a roadside box and waiting to hear from someone (although you can if you want).  Our competitors include mailing envelopes with their mailers, we do not and we do this on purpose.  We want you to feel in control of your valuable items through the whole process so that you truly know your things are secure. 


On top of the security measures we have in place, we insure every package with a $2500.00 policy. Should anything happen, you are covered. Need more insurance? Not a problem, simply email us and we can provide that for you. It’s a complimentary service that Gold Stash and FedEx offer to every customer we serve.


So, you can have peace of mind knowing that shipping your items to Gold Stash is easily the most convenient and safe method to allow us to serve you and get you paid the industries highest payout.

Request a Secure Mailer now!

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Why Now’s the Time to Sell Your Gold

There’s a reason why gold is a tough investment to own: It’s extremely volatile. Since January this year, it has fallen from a high of almost $1,700 an ounce to well below $1,400 an ounce by mid-April. Now it’s bouncing around between $1,400 and $1,500 an ounce. See what we mean about volatility?

Where it goes from here is anyone’s guess since commodities like gold are more often driven by speculation than by actual changes in supply and demand.
That’s why the best way to make money on gold in this market, or any market, is not to invest in it, but to sell it! And with gold prices changing literally every day, it’s best to sell now before prices fall further.

Gold Stash is a reputable buyer of gold, silver and precious stones. It’s actually the only company of its kind that Dave Ramsey recommends you do business with.

Money Waiting to Be Found

Do you have any of these items lying around?
Unwanted jewelry – You can send Gold Stash anything from bracelets and charms to cuff links and brooches in any condition. They can be made of gold, silver or platinum. They even buy gold-plated and gold-filled items.
Silver pieces – Have you recently inherited silver flatware or serving pieces? Don’t let them sit around collecting dust. Mail them to Gold Stash and get a check in return!
Diamonds and precious stones – Gold Stash often resells diamonds in their jewelry stores and can determine the value of your diamond by its carat, cut, color and clarity.
Estate Jewelry – Gold Stash has professional jewelers that examine and evaluate estate jewelry, giving you a fair and honest offer.

At these prices, it will take only a few items to build your emergency fund, give your debt snowball a boost, or help you finally meet that important savings goal.

Simple, Secure and Fast

It’s easy to sell your items to Gold Stash. Simply request a mailer and package your items. Gold Stash ships exclusively with FedEx, so you’ll be able to track your shipment the entire time. And each package is insured up to $2,500, so you can feel secure about sending your items to Gold Stash, which has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Gold Stash’s experts will examine your items and let you know how much they’re worth. Orders are processed in 24–48 hours, and you can choose to receive your money by check or direct deposit (with a 5% bonus using direct deposit). It might be the easiest money you’ll ever make!

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I just wanted t…

I just wanted to say thanks for sharing Gold Stash with me. I’m a big Dave Ramsey dork and my husband and I are trying to pay off out mortgage in 7 years instead of 15! Anyway I’m selling everything and anything (except the kids). So I’ve heard the gold stash endorsements and finally sent in my items. I sent a big bag of silver odds and ends…and got a check. So I called them to return them to me since I make jewelry and can get more from sales. Anyway – they called me back and I ended up chatting with John for awhile about Dave Ramsey and gold stash…you can hear the passion and belief in his company. Great service! As a manager myself (on chapter two of entreleadership) I can appreciate good team members (ours are called crew members!) and just wanted to take the time to send out a compliment! (People always complain but don’t always say good job)!
Best regards,

Jen B.

We certainly care about our customers. Our desire is to get you moving and get out of debt. Selling your unwanted gold, silver, platinum, coins, or diamonds is a great way. We understand people don’t always have a huge treasure, and it is not very often we have a Gold Stash complaint, but in those rare situations that we do have a complaint, we make sure to take care of it right away. That kind of business does not sit well with us. It is also refreshing to hear from people like Jen, who understand how business works and that when people complain, usually it is a misunderstanding.

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What You Can Sell to Gold Stash to Make Extra Money From Dave Ramsey

An easy way to build some momentum with your emergency fund or debt snowball right now is to sell some stuff. (Or, with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, get some extra money to go on a date with your spouse!) But don’t just look to sell the obvious stuff around your house like extra furniture and books. Have you considered smaller items like unwanted jewelry and collectors’ coins you haven’t looked at in 15 years?

Gold Stash would love to pay you to get rid of that clutter. Really! Gold Stash is the only company of this kind that Dave Ramsey recommends you do business with.

Below are examples of the most common items Gold Stash typically buys. If you have an item not listed here and are unsure if they will take it, simply request a mailer and send it in at no charge to you.

Unwanted Jewelry
This includes bracelets, necklaces, charms, rings, earrings, cufflinks, pins and brooches—in any condition. Gold Stash accepts items made of gold, silver and platinum.

Silver Items
Gold Stash buys all types of silver, including jewelry, flatware and serving pieces. Silver has risen in value recently, so this is the perfect time to cash in with those items you no longer use.

Depending on the size of the stone, Gold Stash has the ability to resell items in their jewelry stores, Christian Taylor Jewelers. This means they are willing to pay more than other diamond buyers. The value of your diamond is determined primarily by its four C’s: carat, cut, color and clarity. They can determine how much your diamond is worth once these four factors are known.

Additional Items
Depending on the specific stones, we may be able to compensate you for the precious stones in your items. Most precious metal items carry a stamp or hallmark indicating purity. If you are unsure about an item’s purity, send it in for a free evaluation. Their skilled professional precious metal buyers will examine each piece to determine the fair market value and either mail you a check or offer direct deposit.

If you are unsure about an item or it does not appear on the list, send it to Gold Stash for a free evaluation and they’ll tell you how much it is worth. Or, if you prefer to talk to a live person, they are more than happy to assist you over the phone by calling 877.800.1077.
Convenient, Safe and Secure

Gold Stash makes it easy for you to make some extra cash from the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is package up the items you want them to buy and request a mailer. Because they use FedEx exclusively, you have the ability to track your package in transit from beginning to end. Each shipment is also insured up to $1,000, so you can rest assured your shipment won’t mysteriously be lost forever.

Why sell gold instead of buy it? Read what Dave says.

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Mail In Gold For Cash

Mailing in gold for cash is one of the most common ways for selling gold for money. Selling gold is a great way to help boost your funds if you are hurting for money. Not everybody has as much money as they would like, and being able to get a nice influx of cash from selling gold is always a good thing.

Gold is one of the few things effected by the ever shifting economy. For centuries gold has been a valued commodity used for trade, and these days it is no different. People are still interested in gold and eagerly buy it. So now is the best time to sell gold you may have lying around that you do not want.

There are a lot of buyers out there looking to buy your gold. From jewelry stores to online websites, all sorts of places are interested in paying you for your gold. However not all of them are the same. Their offers may differ drastically.

Gold’s value is universal. So you would think the offers made for it would be similar. But this is not the case, as people will offer a wide range of prices for gold so it is up to you to find the best price to get the most out of your sale.

There are two main ways to sell your gold. You can either mail in gold for cash or take it into a gold buyer location and sell it. A lot of big name companies such as Gold Stash for Cash require you to mail in your gold or visit their gold buying location nationwide, so they can asses it’s value and offer you a price.

If you need money as soon as possible to cover expenses, Visti www.goldstash.com or Gold Stash for Cash locations .


Cash for gold Gilbert, AZ Prices

Selling gold for cash is one of the best ways to make some quick cash. In recent years the demand for gold has shot up, making it hotter than ever. However, cash for gold prices fluctuate quite heavily. Not only do they change over time, but also on what type of gold you are selling and how much gold you are selling.

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when looking to sell gold jewelry. One thing you have to keep in mind is that the cash for gold buyers buying your gold are looking to make a profit. It is not charity, after all. But they will also try to get your gold for as best price as possible.

Gold Stash for Cash is a good example of this. Having 50 years of cash for gold business, they will give you the best price for your gold and explain the process in front of you. Also, it depends on what and how much cash for gold you are looking for. You might not get your exact expectation but Gold Stash for Cash will pay you right there on the spot. Visit our cash for gold Gilbert, Mesa, Sun City, Lakeside, and Avondale locations. In Missouri, visit our cash for gold Blue Springs, Kansas City, Nixa, and Leawood, Kansas. They also have a cash for gold Orlanda, Florida location. Or send your gold to our cash for gold Gilbert location through FedEx shipping, it is completely free. Request a gold and silver mailer now, and FedEx your gold and silver for free.

So if you need money that very day, it will be worth saving time and getting the money when you need it. However if time is not all that urgent, you may want to stop and do some research so you can get a quote for your gold jewelry.

It is possible to find buyers who will offer you a fair price for your gold, giving you close to what it is worth. Doing research is key to getting the most out of your sale. You need to find the information needed so you can sell to the best buyer who is offering the best price.

Gold for cash prices also vary based on other factors like what exactly your gold is. If you are selling jewelry then they often take into account the parts that are not gold. They do not just appraise the actual gold of the piece, but also everything else it has.

If you have a gold diamond ring, they will take the diamond into consideration when offering a price. This means you also need to do the same. Some people will offer you what the gold is worth, but not what the gold and diamond together are worth.

So make sure to look these things up yourself so you know how much your piece of jewelry is worth, not just the gold but the whole package. Visit the Gold Stash for cash Gilbert location with your gold, diamond jewelry and get the money right away.


Cash For Gold Wikipedia

Having more money is never a bad thing, it brings security and allows you to live your life how you would like. Unfortunately not all of us have as much money as we want. So it is no shock that people search around for ways to bring in a little extra money.

Selling gold is a great and popular way to get a little boost with your finances. While very few people own enough gold to be able to make thousands off selling it, most of us own a gold coin, gold ring, gold necklace, silver, or diamonds that we can sell for hundreds of dollars or more. While that will not pay off all your debt, it can help keep a check from bouncing or pay for a well deserved night out.

But even knowing that you can sell gold for cash, you might still be left wondering how you should go about it. There are a lot of ways out there for selling gold and a lot of businesses that deal in the cash for gold business. So, it can be difficult deciding how to sell gold or where to sell gold.

There is no cash for gold wikipedia, no general source dealing with every person buying gold. So it is up to you to do your research to find out the gold buyers or cash for gold reviews. It is also important to do your research to keep yourself safe and to prevent getting ripped off by a scam.

There are too main concerns you have to address when looking to sell your gold. Those concerns are money and time. Gold is valued the same across the board, however, not everyone will pay the same. You would think the offers made would be similar, but they are in fact very diverse.

So it is important to look into the various gold buying companies to find which one will offer you the best gold value. Some places such as jewelry store or cash4gold will not give you as much as your gold piece might actually be worth. While at the same time other gold buyers might offer you closer to what the gold is actually worth.

It is important to find out what your piece is valued at so you know which cash for gold offer is the best.

The second important factor you won’t find on a cash for gold wikipedia is time. Time plays a huge factor in selling your gold since getting the best price can often take a while. So if you need cash right away,  Contact a cash for gold specialist at  www.GoldStash.com  for cash.

11 great reasons about Gold Stash for Cash  Most trusted Gold Buyer in USA

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