6 Great Reasons to Sell Your Gold

These days, it seems like you can’t go to a shopping center without seeing at least four different “cash for gold” businesses looking to buy your unused or unwanted jewelry. The cash for gold business is so profitable for these companies that they’re making a fortune by giving you money. No other company has had this type of unique success, because no other company can offer a service where giving money away helps them generate a profit.

Of course, this brings up an interesting question – should you sell your gold for cash? Here are five reasons that selling your gold may be a good idea.

we buy Gold for cash

Reasons to Sell Your Gold for Cash

  • You Need the Money

Of course, the best reason to sell your gold for cash is because you need the money. If you have bills to pay and some unwanted jewelry on hand, it makes sense that getting cash now is beneficial. If your jewelry has no sentimental value, go ahead and sell it – the money you make can be used to pay bills and save you from unnecessary stress.

  • You May Not Be Able to Sell it Any Other Way

Selling jewelry these days can be difficult. Fewer people have the money to invest in luxury items like gold jewelry, and trying to sell it for a greater profit than you may receive at these “cash for gold” places can be tough, if not impossible. Right now your jewelry has the chance to bring you value, and if you need the money, there are few reasons to hold on to it.

  • It’s Broken

If you have gold jewelry that you can no longer use, that is a great reason to sell it at a cash for gold place. Gold jewelry can still be sold online when it’s fashionable, but when it’s broken it has almost no value to other people. You may as well get some cash for it by allowing these companies to melt it down.

  • It Brings You Emotional Pain

Some jewelry has emotional value making it unlikely you’ll want to get rid of it. Others cause emotional pain and you want nothing more than to get rid of them. If you’re in the latter group, you may as well sell it quickly, get it out of the way, and pocket some well-deserved cash for it. Then you can spend that cash on something fun, like ice cream or a vacation.

  • Take Advantage of the Value of Gold

There may be a time someday that you cannot sell your gold for cash because gold itself has lost a lot of its value. Until that time comes, it makes sense that you should sell any unused or unwanted jewelry now, while you’re certain you can get money for it, before the price of gold drops and these companies cease to exist.

  • Payoff Credit card Bills

Really it is very frustrating to pay the interest of credit card bills each month.

Credit card carry interest rate each month that means that the longer you take to pay them off, the more money you end up paying. Selling your gold jewelry to pay outstanding bills just make some financial sense.

Selling Your Gold

Gold is a valuable commodity, which is why so many companies are hoping to make money by buying your gold from you. While they may not be giving you the full value of the gold, they are supplying you with some much needed cash in a time when money is tight. Take advantage of it when you can, because the gold you have on hand may be worth more now than it is in the future.
Companies like GoldStash.com offer you to make some money on your unwanted or unneeded jewelry.  GoldStash.com has made it easier than ever with their customer-friendly and secured FedEx mailing process. Through a partnership with FedEx, GoldStash.com will insure your package up to $1,000 and provide package tracking from the time you drop it off. On top of that, Goldstash.com is paying a $100 bonus to every customers with any transaction valued at more than $250. So don’t delay to get $100 free from GoldStash.com cash for gold offer.

So if you’re interested, visit the GoldStash.com website, and contact them about selling your old jewelry. This is just another creative way to maintain your financial peace.

By the way, you can call their toll free number and talk to a real person who will answer all your questions.


3 comments on “6 Great Reasons to Sell Your Gold

  1. I used Goldstash a few months ago. I got a direct deposit in just a few days after I mailed in my old jewelry. I made a few hundred dollars on stuff I have not worn in years.

  2. Quick, easy, and most of all you can trust them!! By far the best experience I have had and will absolutely go back to them!!

  3. I recently decided to sell my grandmothers old jewelry that she left us when she passed a few years ago. Of course I kept the items that I would like to remain in my family but some of the other items were broken, or just really out dated that I just couldn’t see myself wearing.
    I went to several different local companies that offered me a different price at each place and all were such low offers I really felt that they devalued my grandmothers items. It was not a comfortable experience.
    I found Gold Stash through a Dave Ramsey recommendation and mailed my items to them. It was so fast and the offer they gave me was DOUBLE what I was offered at my local pawn shop.
    I will use them and refer all of my friends!!!!!

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