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What’s up with the stock market?

The stock market is doing some crazy things, and that is good news if you have a bunch of gold on your hands. Why? Gold has climbed to an all-time high. Some companies out there will tell you to invest in gold. why? Why would you invest in something that is at an all-time high? Why would you put your hard earned money into something that has a history of bringing a terrible rate of return. We would tell you to invest in a growing mutual fund. That makes more sense. Even when the market drops like it did today, you don’t loose, unless you sell your stock. Who would do that. If anything, buy more stock at a cheaper price. We tell people what Dave Ramsey tells people, don’t buy gold, but sell it! Sell your unwanted gold, silver, platinum, even diamonds and coins and sell them to Gold Stash. Gold Stash has a great track record of paying the most for your unwanted items, and they do it with a five-star customer experience. If you have questions or are not sure what the process is, come to Gold Stash and ask them. They will serve you. That is why folks like Dave Ramsey and Linda Cobb, the Queen of Clean, give their full endorsement to Gold Stash. Do what thousands of other people have done, take your items, or ship them, to Gold Stash, and then use that money to invest in something that will give you a great rate of return, the stock market. Hey, these gifts of the market dropping $500 just so we can buy more stock at a cheaper price only comes around every now and then.


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